CML Optical Arc Detectors provide optical detection of arcs within waveguides or RF cavities. They are sensitive to a wide range of optical wavelengths in the visible and near infrared spectral region. They are normally supplied installed on an E-Plane or H-Plane waveguide bend as pictured here.



CML Arc Sensors are equipped with a small, below-cutoff aperture for the viewing of regions where an arc may occur. An optional reverse power input is available. This input allows triggering on reflected power from the output of a diode detector installed on a reverse power monitoring directional coupler.


The circuit assembly used on CML Arc Sensors can be supplied for mounting on a viewport for vacuum waveguide applications. They can also be supplied on a mounting plate for field replacement. 


CML's circuit assembly has the following specifications:


  • Optical Detector:

    • Phototransistor.

  • Power Supply Voltage:    

    • 13 to 31 VDC.

  • Input Current:        

    • 80 mA DC (with test light actuated).

  • Output Signal:         

    • Armed: 16 V minimum.

    • Fired: 2 V maximum.

  • Response Time:      

    •  1 microsecond, maximum.

  • Connectors:            

    • Power and Control: Burndy BT07A-10-6P.

    • Reflected Power: SMA female.


Note: Specifications as shown above are for nominal 28 VDC operation.