CML high peak and average power four port differential phase shift circulators operate at up to 45 MW peak and 100 kW average in S-Band with extremely low insertion loss. Models are available for all popular frequency ranges with convection cooled designs for low average power applications and water cooled designs for high average power. 





  • 45 MW Peak Power Handling.

  • Insertion Loss < 0.2 dB in S-Band.

  • 100 kW Average Power With Water Cooling.

  • Pressurizing Port & Gauge available.


Our Power Dividers utilize the three-hybrid method to provide continuously variable division of input power from insertion loss to –30dB. Power may be split between the output ports in any desired ratio. One of the outputs of the Power Divider may be equipped with a phase shifter, as shown here, to provide two outputs that are continuously variable in both power and relative phase up to 360 degrees. 


The Power Divider and Phase Shifter can be provided as separate units or as an integrated assembly. Models are available for use with vacuum waveguide and for pressurized waveguide. 


This type of power divider and phase shifter is inherently narrow band in operation and we can provide units for all popular accelerator frequencies as well as other frequencies from 1 GHz to 18 GHz to meet your specific requirements. These devices are capable of extremely high power handling. Units have been built to handle up to 40 MW peak and 100 kW average in S-Band. For high average power applications, water cooling is required.


These units may be mounted in any position and can be provided with waveguide bends or extended straight sections on any or all of the four ports to integrate easily into your RF system. In addition, we can provide units with directional couplers on any of the ports to monitor power input, output and reflected power.


Manual adjustment of power division and phase is standard. Remote adjustment using an analog controlled motor or a stepping motor is also available. When equipped with a fast stepping motor very fast changes in power division and phase can be made. Rates of change exceeding 1 degree per millisecond have been achieved. 


CML Optical Arc Detectors provide optical detection of arcs within waveguides or RF cavities. They are sensitive to a wide range of optical wavelengths in the visible and near infrared spectral region. They are normally supplied installed on an E-Plane or H-Plane waveguide bend as pictured here. The waveguide bend is equipped with a small below-cutoff aperture for viewing of regions where an arc may occur. An optional reverse power input is available. This input allows triggering on reflected power from the output of a diode detector installed on a reverse power monitoring directional coupler. The arc detector circuit assembly can also be supplied on a mounting plate for field replacement or for mounting on a viewport for vacuum waveguide applications. This circuit assembly is designated as Model 6280-00.



Specifications (Model 6280-0):


  • Optical Detector:

    • Phototransistor


  • Power Supply Voltage:    

    • 13 to 31 VDC


  • Input Current:        

    • 80 mA DC (with test light actuated)


  • Output Signal:         

    • Armed: 16 V minimum

    • Fired: 2 V maximum


  • Response Time:      

    •  1 microsecond, maximum


  • Connectors:            

    • Power and Control: Burndy BT07A-10-6P

    • Reflected Power: SMA female



Note: Specifications as shown above are for nominal 28 VDC operation.